The Dutch Epicure Shop, LLC

491 Bantam Rd. Litchfield, CT (860) 567-5586


Other Products

In addition to our baked goods and Dutch products we offer many other products in our gourmet grocery.


German Style Deli

We have a full line of Schaller and Weber meats including westphalian ham, black forest ham, headcheese, turkey, veal bologna, krakauer, liverwurst links and sausages in addition to Italian and German salamis, prosciutto, bacons and more.  


Indonesian Foods

Whatever you are looking for to create your perfect rijstafel meal, we have sambals, spices, ketjap manis, kroepoek,, mie noodles, etc. in abundance!

Mark T. Wendell Teas

One of the highest quality tea producers, our tea selection runs from black to green, oolong to hu-kwa, and herbal to PG Tips.


Prepared Foods

Too tired to cook?  We have that covered too.  Our freezer is stocked with soups such as Dutch Pea, Lentil, Tomato Thyme, Carrot Ginger, Chicken Dumpling as well as meals like Chicken Curry, Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Pot Pie, Quiche and Spaetzle are always on hand.  Bon Appetit!

House Made Preserves

We make our own jams and jellies, much of it with seasonal fruit from our own gardens.  It's as local as you can get, and you can taste it in every spoonful.